Top 5 Homemaking Resources @ HLH

The fact that my blog is called Happy Little Homemaker is almost a little tongue in cheek.  You see, I want a beautiful home.  I want a clean and organized home.  But not as much as I want to read books :).

Top 5 - Homemaking

So I’ve been on a hunt for the easiest, most efficient or simply best way to do certain things.  Here are a few of my best/favorite homemaking posts as well as some resources from the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2015 that I’m looking forward to getting new tips from.

camper-storage copy

Really, this photo says it all.   This post on pop-up camper storage is a quick, down & dirty post about how closet organizers are fabulous for organizing pop-up campers.

Set up a home management notebook

Okay, no photo header for this one, but I probably should do that since it’s such a popular post.   My whole life, is run based on the advice of the book, A Mother’s Rule of Life, by Holly Pierlot.  In fact, you will notice that my blog is set up this way, with the 5 priorities of women being God, self, marriage, kids and homemaking.   I also share a series on setting up your household notebook according to these categories.  Though I no longer have  a print book, Evernote is my e-home management binder :).



Since I am pretty domestically challenged, I have a ton of resources from the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2015, that I need to take the time to dig into.  First is the {De}Clutter Buddies e-course pictured above, Simply Clean Home, Drowning in Clutter and the Simple Home Handbook.   Do you see a theme here?  I spend most of my time shuffling stuff.

Those 4 items alone would normally cost $42.92 and I get those plus 96 other e-books, courses and bonuses for only $29.97.   If there are areas you are trying to work on (or know you need to), I urge you to check out this bundle.  I purchase it every year and every year I find some new tip or trick that saves me at least $30 of aggrivation or heartache, if not actual $$.  Do NOT delay!  The sale ends tonight, Monday April 27 and once it’s over, it’s over.  These bundles DO NOT come back.   Check out the full contents and details of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2015 at this post today!


Heart-Shaped Cakes Called Torta Helada

(The above pic is not for the recipe in question, FYI.) One of my most popular recipes looks like it’s beautiful and complicated.  But it’s my not.  My mom used to make it a lot, but I haven’t.   Mostly because we don’t feed the kids a ton of sweets, hubs doesn’t eat jello and we never have enough people around to make it without me having to eat an entire pan of it.   It’s beautiful and fabulous for spring parties…someone on flickr had a pic, though, and had cc permissions on it.  So go check out this easy but beautiful ribbon jello recipe!

make ahead breakfast casserole

This make-ahead breakfast casserole recipe was stolen from my friend Amy and it is the bomb!   The dry mustard is the key to it’s egg-y, sausage-y yumminess.  Is that a word?   Anyway, it’s awesome for holidays, potlucks or anytime you want a hardy, filling dish but don’t want to have rubbery eggs or quiche.

sugar cookies for dummies

Obviously, I cook more than I clean :).  This fairly new post was for Sugar Cookies for Dummies.  I finally found a sugar cookie recipe I couldn’t screw up and royal frosting, too!   Hubby loves these and the girls love being able to make them even if grandma isn’t around.


What home management area do you struggle with most?

Jen S.

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Top 5 Faith Related Resources at HLH

In my Catholic faith, I tend to share a lot of Catholic resources.   I find that while it’s not all that I use, nor all that I share, it tends to be the most popular.

Top 5 - Faith

Here are a few of my most popular Catholic posts as well as a handful of Christian resources from the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2015.



Because I have just as many non-Catholic readers as I do Catholic ones, I thought I would share about the Faith resources in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2015 first.  The bundle has items for both adults and children.  If you ARE Catholic, the bundle includes the book, More Feasts! (in the Holiday section) which guides you through holidays and feast days of the liturgical calendar.  YUM!

Besides that e-book, I am looking forward to reading Live 4 Him (pictured above), and the e-course Homemaking from Scratch which is about Godly homemaking.  I thought I saw talks about faith in general in its lineup.  Of course the single most awesome faith resource in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2015, in my opinion, are the Hope Ink prints.  I have a few of her prints in my home now and they are totally worth it!  Those alone are worth $75 and the whole bundle is only $29.97.  It’s like getting her beautiful prints for half off and getting 99 other books, ecourses and bonuses for free.  Go check out all the details, but don’t delay because the bundle sale ends tomorrow, Monday, April 27!


This was simply sharing a prayer I got during a conference on Divine Mercy some years back- The Chaplet of Our Lady of Divine Mercy.  Seeing as Divine Mercy Sunday was not long ago, perhaps this is a good time to add this to your prayer possibilities ;).


These 3 Resources for Stations of the Cross with Small Children continues to be a favorite, every year.   They are never to young to start hearing and learning traditional Catholic prayers and practices :).


This post with instructions to make your own personalized prayer book out of an inexpensive photo album seems to be a favorite also.  The free downloads include many Catholic prayers for wives and mothers.

This post for making your own inexpensive stocking or easter basket stuffer continues to be a favorite in our home and on the blog.  All three of my kids fight over who gets to look at these in church (because the two oldest never remember to bring theirs).  We have all become more familiar with the saints and their prayers by looking at these holy cards on a keyring.


And if you are like me and have trouble getting your stuff together every Lent, here are 9 quick and easy activities you can do with young kids during Lent.  There is even a printable to go along with Sarah’s lent book.


What types of faith resources do you like to read about?

Jen S.

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Top 5 Marriage Resources @ HLH

I have been totally in need of working on sharing marriage fun on the blog lately.  Probably because I haven’t been doing much of it in real life.

Top 5 - Marriage


Between winter dragging on into eternity and having my hormones out of whack and the kids being sick, I’m just weary.  And everyone has suffered, not just the hubs.  Maybe I should just check out my own oldies but goodies :D!


During the 31 Days series one year, I shared 31 Days of Serving Your Spouse using all 5 love languages.  You are sure to find a few quick and easy tips that scream love ;).

5-ways-improve-marriage copy

This post lists 5 simple ways to improve your marriage.  No muss, no fuss.   But sometimes getting out of your own way is essential…


Since most homemakers are married, it makes sense to have a few resources for marriage in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle.   This years bundle includes 3 resources I can’t wait to use to spice up my marriage — 50 Frugal Dates (pictured above), 25 Days to a Happier Home (since I set the tone, for better or worse!), and the Sweet Life Planner (it has great goals and tracking pages to make sure I remember to be intentional…like not getting to his letter of the month club for Feb…or March…or this month- yet).   Those 3 resources alone are worth $47.98 and the WHOLE BUNDLE is only $29.97.  Go here to see all 100 ebooks, printables, ecourses and bonuses in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle for 2015 or buy yours today.  The sale ends Monday, April 27, 2015 so jump on it now if you are interested!

thank you

The most popular post from the 31 Days to Serving Your Spouse Series, was the simplest — to thank your spouse.   Tell him thank you for everything he does…


If you are looking for a way to get together more than every once in a while or his birthday is you know, tomorrow, check out this year of dates package from Dating Diva’s.  The ideas were cute but we only did about 1/2 of them; we didn’t have a baby sitter that year and business was crazy.   The baseball date was our favorite and I shared more here.

Date Ideas for Busy Parents

Finally, I shared several months of date ideas for busy parents — there are fancy, expensive dates, cheap/free dates and at home dates every single month.  They are usually pretty benign, but hint at the obvious for a married couple with children.  LOL!


What are your favorite marriage tips or resources?

Jen S.

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Top 5 Resources for Mom @ HLH

Because you aren’t JUST a mom or wife or housekeeper or chauffeur or cook or whatever other task you do, I do talk a little bit about things to do for you.  I love beauty and having it surround me makes the hard days and tasks a little bit better.

Top 5 - For Mom

That being said, here are the top 5 posts for women on Happy Little Homemaker and a few of the awesome books from the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2015 that you might be interested in.


WAY back before I did this in a professional way and then even before PicMonkey and Canva, this no-sew fabric binder cover has been a very popular post.  I simply used fat quarters and Tacky Glue, to fasten fabric to a plastic binder.  Recycling at its finest, ladies :).

pina-colada copy

Okay, maybe this should be classified as homemaking since it’s a recipe, but really, this is for you.  Summer is coming up and hot tea just doesn’t cut it anymore.  And some days, let’s be honest, you just need a drink.   My homemade Pina Colada recipe is a drink you can have even when you are preggo or include the kids — before you add a splash of rum to your own glass ;).



And perhaps the pina colada’s are needed because of hormone fluctuations?   While I haven’t done a test of cloth maxi pads, it’s mostly because I have only bled for maybe 9 months of the last 8.5 years and intermittently at that.  BUT I did test out these 5 brands of cloth pantiliners and let you know what I thought.  I’ve actually lost/worn out 1/2 of the first batch and bought a second before the boy was born :).

I don’t know about you, but I find myself pouring out much more than I refill. When you have littles and are an introvert, there is just NO escape. You are on 24/7. And sometimes (like the last 6 weeks over here!) you are “on” for all 24 of those hours with INTENSE needs.  The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2015 is coming at a perfect time for me.  I have a scheduled “planning” day coming up on Saturday and I hope to read a few new e-books and refresh myself somewhere quiet.

There are so many options in the UHB to refresh your soul.  I am looking forward to reading From Grouchy to Great (pictured above), Simply Dressed, Controlling the Spin Within, and My Buttered Life — Summer Edition.  Just these 4 books are worth $19.97 and I can get the whole library for only $10.00 more.   And did you see the bonuses?   There is a BEAUTIFUL free scarf from Deborah & Co and free points for a free book from Tyndale rewards as part of the Ultimate Homemaking Library package!  This awesome deal is only available until Monday, April 27– get yours before time runs out!  (or click the links above to find out more!)


I loved the book, A Mother’s Rule of Life.  I love it so much, I did a book study of it that people continue to look at even though I posted it years ago.   If you want to get your WHOLE life in some semblance of order and balance, I suggest you check it out.

Female colorful shirt on a hanger

And lastly, another post from before pinterest-pretty days — Planning Your Wardrobe.   I wrote this post 6 years ago and I almost NEVER walk into my closet and feel like I have nothing to wear.  I still use these tips and love almost everything in it.   The area I don’t — church clothes.  Why?   Because I lost some weight and haven’t replaced a lot of the items yet.  The logic in the post has totally stood the test of time for me.


What things do you do for YOU?

Jen S.

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Top 5 Resources for Kids @ HLH

I spend a LOT of time reading about children and writing about children.  Why?  Because I have 3 and have no idea what I’m doing!

Top 5 - Kids

If that sounds familiar, you might benefit from these top 5 tips about kids from my blog as well as a few resources from the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2015 that I either already have or want to read.

Baby-clothing-sizes copy

This post with baby clothing size chart printable is my most popular post EVER!   If baby clothing sizes make you crazy, this makes it easy.

100 Things Summer-2

While summer is the best time of the year, sometimes it can be the longest time of year.  Eventually, the kids even get sick of the outdoors and even the beach or pool.  Then what?   Here is a list of 100 things to do in summer, either as a family or even with your hubs or a friend.


There are several resources in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle for/about kids — there are faith resources for kids, guides to teaching kids and a smattering of homeschool materials.  I am most looking forward to reading The Busy Mom’s Guide to Teaching Character (pictured on the shelf above), Write through the Bible, and My Practices of Mothering.   Just those three books are $21.96 if purchased separately.   With the bundle being only $8.03 more and including a free box from Green Kid Crafts?   Well, everything else is like gravy!  Find out what else is included and how to purchase!

One year, I got exceptionally crafty and make a fabulous happy birthday banner from scrapbook paper & ribbon.  No printer ink or anything else fancy or expensive.  It was beautiful & cheap.  I don’t include directions, but I shared where *I* found instructions.

House Rules Subway Art webcopy

I put this popular free house rules subway art printable under kids because, really, who needs rules when there are no kids?  ‘Nuff said.


I should share more about birthdays because even though I don’t do huge birthday parties, they are apparently pretty popular :).  This was about a tropical/Lilo & Stitch themed birthday party and includes several free printables for stickers, the banner and more.



Jen S.

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