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I’ve hit a point in my life that I haven’t hit in a very long time.   I lost my mind this week.   I just need to get away from it all.    We’ve been living in VERY close quarters with a very active and (selectively) needy 1 year old and a husband who’s been working his tail off.   I need some badly needed time with me, myself and I (and God — probably more him than anyone else).   I am a very solitary person and having to spend every waking minute with people and NO breaks has taken it’s toll.   Up North, I got to go in my office for a few hours every couple of weeks to do book and computer junk.    So tomorrow I’m going out by myself for a little while.


One of my temper tantrums involved me and a blown out pilot light.   Again.   It’s happened to me about 9 times, Bones once.    I don’t mind living in a camper and living simply and all that, but for the love of all that is holy, can’t I just take a freaking shower on a regular basis?!?!


I found a WAAAY cool website.    http://www.letteroftheweek.com/.   I have always wanted to teach Lil’ Bit stuff but since I’ve never had kids, I have no idea what to teach and when.   This site gives ideas starting at 3 months old.    In a huge variety of subjects — literature, poetry, art, the bible, language, songs/music, etc.    VERY cool for someone like me who needs structure to work from.   I’m definitely going to be a curriculum mom; free wheeling is not going to be something I can do.    I need a base to build off of.


I’ve been thinking about modifying my lenten sacrifices.    I have only picked something to fast from (excessive couponing/internet).   I think that I need to add a prayer goal and a giving goal as well.    I am going to resume praying daily and I’m also going to faithfully tithe*.   I haven’t prayed daily since we decided to move to Florida and I’m feeling it terribly even though we have resume daily mass.   I have never actually tithed.    I really feel like we need to if for no other reason than to make me a steward of our finances with GOD, not all by MYSELF.


Jen wrote about meeting her spiritual director yesterday.   I’ve never heard of normal people having one until recently.   Me being me, I want one!   How do I get one?    What would I get her to direct me on?    Do you have one?    Do you know of a good one in South West FL for a mom?


Going back to teaching Lil’ Bit, I’m trying to find lullabies and children’s song CD’s/downloads that are NOT sung by children.   This might sound mean or evil but I HATE the sound of groups of children singing (unless it’s a special choir of some sort) and I will not apologize for it.   That said, do you have any suggestions?


I need to get off the internet now.   I am needed 🙂

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