1. I made over $600 selling stuff on Craigslist and should be selling my desk this weekend bringing April to the same! Yee-haw!

2. Of course my other desk is in Florida with my camper and I hadn’t fully purged all the stuff IN that furniture yet so my office is a di.sast.er. Complete and total, child completely unfriendly DISASTER.

3. My kitchen is finally clean though. Partially because I moved all the stuff that didn’t belong there to, you guessed it, my Office!

4. I’m cleaning out digital clutter. Starred reader feed posts, putting all books to read in one spot, putting all links in delicious, etc. I just wish DD would fully nap by herself like she did in FL so I could finish.

5. Boy, am I boring. Or bored. Both?

6. I spend way to much time administering stuff. I found 2 rules in my reader archives to use. First, wait 30 days to buy it. Second, for whatever you DO buy, get rid of 2 things. Love that one. I have to find 6 books of DD to get rid of…I bought 3 yesterday.

7. Pray for those who are hurting.

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