Living the Mass: How one hour a week can change your life by Fr. Dominic Grassi & Joe Paprocki is a gem that should be in any Catholic’s library.  Fr. Grassi & Paprocki have set out to write a book that connects the Catholic Mass with daily life and have succeeded beyond all my expectations of this book.  They go through 13 sections of the mass from the Introductory Rite all the way to “Thanks be to God.”

Nearly every chapter includes a story to illustrate how the chapter/part of the Mass corresponds to daily life and a discussion of the detail of the history of that portion of the Mass and what the big picture of it is, as well as how it should direct your daily life.   The chapters are not long — about 10 pages — and the best part is at the end of each chapter that tells you ways to live for the other 6 days a week.   After all, true Catholicism is not merely a religion but a way of life.

Even busy mothers will be able to find time to read, digest and apply the principles in this book and that is always among my criteria for a good book :).   My favorite part of this book, though, are the last 2 chapters.   The chapter on the dismissal covers several areas about what we are to do when we are told “Go!”.   From the ten commandments and the works of mercy to the gifts and fruits of the spirit and the virtues, it gives an excellent starting place for refreshing your studies or learning more about your faith.  The last chapter summarizes more ways to live your faith while not at Mass.

This book was very well written and very easy to understand and the authors made what COULD be a very dry and boring subject, interesting and easy to apply to everyday life.    This book is very easy to read and has a lot of great take-away tips and ideas.   I would recommend this life to an!yone who feels they need to live their faith a little more but isn’t sure where to start.

Thanks to Loyola Press for providing a copy of this book for review.

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