It’s time for another edition of What’s On Your Nightstand at 5 Minutes for Books.    As you might have read last week, I’ve been requesting books like crazy from reviewers and I ordered some and I have a “request from library queue” in Shelfari as well.   I read a ton of books this month, but a lot of them were Harlequin romances that I downloaded for free on Stanza.   Some were pretty good and they have some new “genres” that I didn’t know they had.   Goth/Vamp/Witch romances, anyone?

Anyway, here’s what’s on my list for July 2009 reading:

  • Chronicles of Narnia books (for the Chronicles of Narnia Reading Challenge)
  • Grace Cafe by Donna Marie Cooper O’Boyle
  • The Domestic Church by same
  • Discipline that Lasts a Lifetime by Dr. Ray Guarendi
  • You’re a Better Parent than you think by same
  • Full of Grace by Johnette Benkovic (in process)
  • The Last Boylen (in process)
  • Mrs. Meyer’s Guide to a Clean Home (in process)

And to Review:

  • a yet to be determined book from The Catholic Company; I’ve narrowed it down to 2 but I can’t request another for another week.
  • God’s Little Princess Devotional Bible (compliments of Thomas Nelson)
  • June Bug (for Tyndale) – Maybe.  If it comes in time & I’m picked.

What about you?   What do you have on your plate this month?    Go to 5 minutes for Books to see what everyone else is reading!

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