I don’t usually post on Sunday’s but I am having a craving for my husband’s bean dip.

It’s really a what we have on hand kind of dip but there are a few essentials:


  • 2 LARGE cans of refried beans [EDITED from one regular can of refried beans)
  • 1 lb of ground turkey (or beef), browned with or without taco seasoning
  • jar of frito-lay  salsa (we like HOT!)
  • velveeta-type cheese (small box or 1/2 of large)


  • box of spanish rice
  • sour cream

Warm up refried beans in large dutch oven/soup pot.   Add meat, salsa (to taste–we use whole jar) and rice (if desired).  Combine well.    Let cool a bit and add diced velveeta and/or sour cream so that you get little pockets of it (as opposed to letting it melt within the dip).    Serve with LOTS of Tostitos tortilla chips.

Makes a TON!!!

Usually we make it for a gathering…unless I’m pregnant — Then I will eat quite a lot of it :).   Sorry, no pic today because DH hasn’t been home to make it for me and well, frankly, it doesn’t look as good as it tastes :).

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