Well, I didn’t think that I’d get to this today but Lil’ Bit is napping and Bones is listening to an audiobook.   And I’m sick of reading.  For now.


I got a box of books from a publisher that prints primarily Catholic books.   Lovely books and I’m 3/4 of the way through the one I thought I’d like the most.   And I don’t.    Now I’m trying to figure out how and what kind of review to write.    Sigh…


I’ve got a LARGE stack of books to read and that is my favorite thing to have.    I have 6 books and a CD to review right now.      I think I’ve found one of my favorite things about blogging.    BOOKS!


I am so very thankful to our oldest friend (who, incidentally, introduced me to my beloved).   He gave us the rest of the pavers from when he built his patio and our yard looks less like a work in progress and more like we actually finished something.    Thank you!!!


Another dear friend of ours won 10 tickets to the local AAA baseball team and invited us to join them.    I didn’t think we’d get to go this year, but I am really looking forward to seeing the game and hanging out with them.


And we are getting together with other friends tomorrow for a birthday/4th of July cookout/potluck.    I can’t wait and feel so blessed to have such good friends!


I got a ton of books from the library this week about gardening.    Particular types of foods, square foot gardening, orchards, berry growing, etc.   I can’t wait to plant a garden next year and think I might have to buy the All New Square Foot Gardening book.   It’s THAT useful.


Happy 4th peeps!!!     God bless our troops and all those who have contributed to making this country free.

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